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Kenzie's 11th Birthday

November 4th, 2018

In preparation for Kenzie's 11th birthday on November 7th, I decided some fresh and current photos were in order. After about 5 minutes of trying and failing to get her to sit in the pose I wanted, I realized it's just like when I work with young kids during a family photo shoot. I had to become creative to "trick" her into doing what I wanted. Since candy and finger puppets don't work with a dog, the next best thing was a brand new tennis ball.

I grabbed the bright yellow ball not only as a treat to her, but also because it photographs so well. I grabbed her nasty old tennis ball too - the one that wouldn't even bounce on a trampoline in its current condition - for a little pre-photo shoot exercise in hopes of ending up with a calmer dog. Ten minutes later I had a slightly less crazy dog. For those of you who know or have met Kenzie, some of these shots nailed her personality - sweet, obedient, full of life and never ready to quit.

By the time we finished playing ball, which typically is when my arm is about ready to drop off, I had a dog that was ready for a nap. But in true Kenzie form, an hour later she was ready to go again.

Happy Birthday Kenzie!

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