Water Lantern Festival - Ferrin Photo

Water Lantern Festival

September 30th, 2018

What a beautiful experience!

I've been to multiple Lantern Fests over the years. If you have never been, it's where thousands of people get together, decorate paper lanterns with messages of love, hope, goals and dreams. Once the time comes, the candle is lit and the night sky is illuminated with floating lanterns.

This past weekend, Sydney, Heidi and I had our first experience at a Water Lantern Festival. It was just as memorable as watching thousands of sky lanterns gently float into the air.

We arrived just as the sun was setting over the lake, which cast beautiful orange and purple rays in the water's reflection. We collected our lantern kits, found a location to sit and began decorating them. Once we completed decorating our lanterns, we headed toward the lake. Unfortunately, the wind was not in our favor. It was blowing from the north and caused all the water lanterns to collect on the south shoreline. We walked to the opposite side of the lake to launch, to allow our lanterns to make the full journey across the water. 

Before we launched our lanterns, I was able to sneak in a surprise proposal. :) 

It was a magical evening filled with beautiful messages, amazing scenery, wonderful people and memories made.

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